Our Services

At J.D. Goodrum we combine the experience and expertise of a large construction firm, with the personal service and attention of a small company – every project is an important project to our team.

The quality of our service is the backbone of our reputation. We recognize every project is unique and different clients have different construction needs. From pre-construction through a finished project, every phase of our process is integrated and seamless, allowing our client’s to focus on their business.


Evaluating project scope, costs, and constructability issues early in a project are the keys to any project. Pre-Construction services provide a springboard for clients and architects to design a project around the client’s budget and expectations.

As part of our pre-construction and development services, we provide construction budget estimates, design fee estimate and extensive scope of work detail as well as a development timeline. These items are essential in determining investment costs and timeframe elements of a client’s Performa.


As the foundation of our company, General Construction Services is at the heart of our services. As a GC, we provide comprehensive line-item estimating, project management, material procurement, critical sequencing and scheduling, subcontractor pre-qualification, and safety management. We utilize the latest software and technologies throughout the project, from estimating to project management to accounting, ensuring a seamless process.

J.D. Goodrum takes great pride in providing low cost, while still providing high quality construction.

The J.D. Goodrum Advantage:

  • Experience: With over 30+ years of local experience, J.D. Goodrum has established strong relationships amongst our sub-contractor base. This allows us to provide quality and reliable service at a low cost.
  • Relationships: We approach every project with a team mentality. Building relationships with the design and ownership teams are critical to any project’s success. J.D. Goodrum believes this is the right way to conduct business and embodies this belief on every project.
  • Trust: Earned over our 30+ years of experience, J.D. Goodrum prides itself on repeat clients. Many of our clients begin working with us through soliciting traditional GC bid services and quickly becoming repeat clients taking advantage of the full project services we provide. Earning our client’s trust through our honest and ethical performance is the highest compliment and something we strive to achieve on every project.


“Design-Build” is a project delivery method that enables you to contract with a single entity (J.D. Goodrum) to complete both the design and construction phases of your project. When a project calls for an accelerated schedule, budget restrictions, or a single point of contact, design build is often the best solution. J.D. Goodrum has extensive experience contracting directly with design professionals to provide this delivery process to our clients.

With a single point of contact facilitated through J.D. Goodrum, we’re able to more readily control costs and schedules, including offering a Guaranteed Maximum Price.

These simple but fundamental differences save time and money by transforming the relationship between client, designers and builders into an alliance which fosters collaboration and teamwork.

Design – Build Benefits:

  • Schedule: The team process will expedite the project schedule as the owner will avoid typical delays caused by a hard bid-scenario.
  • Budget: Design and Construction team have the ability to work together with the team’s GC refining the design and pricing to ensure the end product will be not only the client’s vision but also within budget.
    Negotiated Design/Build projects still include competitive bidding for the project costs, facilitated by the J.D. Goodrum through obtaining multiple sub-contractor bids. This gives the client the benefit of having a GC intimately involved in the project with the client’s interests at heart while will providing the opportunity to competitively bid the work to ensure the best price is realized.
  • Quality: Creates a seamless combination of design and construction practicality, serving the needs of the project and the client. The integrated team works toward efficiency and innovation in the project’s design and construction, increasing the quality and performance of the built product.